October 16-17, 2021 | Virtual

ACR 2021 Imaging Informatics Summit | Virtual Event

New Technology, Better Outcomes
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Our virtual event brings you the flexibility to learn from our subject matter experts remotely. You will have access to talks on the latest technology, all from the comfort of your home or office. Our industry experts will tell you how others are really using technology today, and what you need to get started. Register early to save your spot.

Streamed Sessions

Watch clinician-led talks, practical case studies and how-to sessions streamed live. Or come back later to see the recordings.

What You'll Learn:
  • Insights on the future trends in informatics and AI.
  • How other leaders are responding to changing technology.
  • How to nurture innovation and bring on new tools.


Learn from industry leaders who are helping others solve technology challenges.

What You'll Gain:
  • Industry examples of bringing about change.
  • Best practices for executing successful projects.
  • Breakout sessions to source vendors and tools.


Build relationships with peers attending the virtual event.

How You'll Engage:
  • Connect with others in the informatics community.
  • Source vendors.
  • Q&A and chat available during the sessions.

Keynote Speakers

The ROI of AI

Melissa Chen, MD

What does the future hold for AI reimbursement? As the landscape of AI reimbursement evolves, we’ve moved from building the business case based solely on estimates of clinical benefit and increased efficiencies, to exciting new opportunities including NTAPs. This session will cover both the current state of financial reimbursement of AI and potential financial incentives for use of AI using the framework of value based care.

Welcome to the Radiology Team, AI Bot

Greg Moore, MD, PhD

At the radiology workstation of the future, AI is not just a toolset – it’s your always-on companion. From worklists to insights to reporting, AI will help to deliver more efficient and effective health outcomes for patients. Join Dr. Greg Moore as he explores the ubiquitous application of AI in radiology and shares why every radiologist needs an AI companion.