October 16–17, 2021 | Grand Hyatt Washington

ACR 2021 Imaging Informatics Summit | In-Person Event

New Technology, Better Outcomes
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The in-person Imaging Informatics Summit in Washington, DC features a limited audience of decision makers who value learning and networking with the top minds implementing new informatics technology. Our roundtables with industry experts offer you an opportunity to work on the challenges you face, and consider the best solutions. Register early to save your spot. In-person registration may be transferred to virtual at any time, however, you must have a reservation for the in-person event.

Interested in attending virtually?

Group Sessions

A mix of presentation styles brings clinician-led talks, practical case studies and how-to sessions to you firsthand, so you can directly participate.

What You'll Learn:
  • Insights on the future trends in informatics and AI.
  • How other leaders are responding to changing technology.
  • How to nurture innovation and bring on new tools.

Roundtable Discussions

Learn from, and be inspired by, industry leaders at the forefront of informatics technology, so you can take advantage of the latest tools and approaches.

What You'll Experience:
  • Demos of the latest technologies.
  • Industry examples of bringing about change.
  • Best practices for executing successful projects.

Informatics Community

Build direct relationships with peers during the event and have conversations with thought leaders in a small group setting. 

How You'll Engage:
  • Live Q&A moderated by SMEs.
  • Connect with business leaders.
  • Build partnerships and source vendors.

Keynote Speakers

The ROI of AI

Melissa Chen, MD

What does the future hold for AI reimbursement? As the landscape of AI reimbursement evolves, we’ve moved from building the business case based solely on estimates of clinical benefit and increased efficiencies, to exciting new opportunities including NTAPs. This session will cover both the current state of financial reimbursement of AI and potential financial incentives for use of AI using the framework of value-based care.