Virtual Sponsorship

ACR 2021 Imaging Informatics Summit
Oct. 16–17, 2021 | Virtual

The ACR 2021 Informatics Summit will bring policymakers, vendors, providers and consumers together to learn about the new informatics technology that is driving better outcomes. This year’s virtual event will bring attendees the tools and resources needed to cultivate solutions.

The full list of a la carte sponsorship options is below.

Any interested Informatics sponsor will receive a 50% discount off the cost of sponsorship at the Quality & Safety Conference. Call 1-800-373-2204 to take advantage of this special discount.

Breakout Sessions

What Are Informatics Summit Breakout Sessions?

A maximum of 12 sponsors will share their perspective on how tools or approaches can help ACR members during expert-moderated 45 minute breakout sessions on Saturday and Sunday. ACR moderators will provide questions, engage with sponsors on the relevant topic, and guide the breakouts toward a fruitful discussion of how the latest tools and approaches can help ACR members. Sponsors are asked to devote 15 minutes to an introduction and/or financial and patient ROI, 15 minutes to a demonstration or active use of a product (show us how it works), and 15 minutes to  Q&A with attendees. Attendees will have a choice of the breakouts they attend and those who do not select will be assigned a breakout.

Contact Alison Loughlin at [email protected] for additional information on breakout sessions and format.


To participate, sponsors must:

  • Submit registration/payment by Sept. 15.
  • Submit the organization’s hi-res logo and links to the organization website for recognition on the Informatics
  • Summit virtual event website by Oct. 1, 2021.
  • Submit the organization’s ad for the virtual platform by Oct. 1, 2021.
  • Submit a summary of breakout session talking points and 2–3 questions for moderators no later than Oct. 1, 2021.

Sponsor | $3000

Limited to 12 Sponsors | Package Includes:

  • Invitation to speak to 2021 Imaging Informatics Summit attendees at the virtual event on Oct. 16–17 at an industry breakout session focusing on educating and informing attendees. Industry breakout sessions are 45 minutes. Maximum of 12 sponsors will participate in the breakout sessions.
  • One ad for the virtual platform
  • Company logo prominently featured on the 2021 Imaging Informatics Summit virtual event platform with access to your site.
  • Two complimentary 2021 Imaging Informatics Summit Virtual Meeting registrations for representatives of your company.
  • Complimentary 2021 Imaging Informatics Summit Virtual Meeting registration attendee list (includes full name, credential, title, organization, mailing address).
  • Selected analytics.

A La Carte Options

Sponsor a Webinar ($5,000) Exclusive

Webinar will occur just after the meeting providing timely exposure for the sponsor. Potential topics to be reviewed by the sponsor but content must follow ACCME guidelines. The ACR will promote the activity through emails and on the platform.

Interested in sponsoring at the ACR 2021 Imaging Informatics Summit?