Oct. 22–23, 2022 | Grand Hyatt Washington

ACR 2022 Imaging Informatics Summit

Solving Today’s Informatics Problems, Building Tomorrow’s Solutions 
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Dive into the new informatics technology that is driving better outcomes. This year’s hybrid event – with in-person and virtual participation choices – will bring you the tools and resources you need to cultivate solutions for your organization or practice. 

Group Sessions

A mix of presentation styles brings clinician-led talks, practical case studies and how-to sessions to you first hand.

What You'll Learn:
  • Insights on the future trends in informatics and AI.
  • How other leaders are responding to changing technology.
  • How to nurture innovation and bring on new tools.


Learn from industry leaders who are helping others solve technology challenges.

What You'll Gain:
  • Industry examples of bringing about change.
  • Best practices for executing successful projects.
  • Breakout sessions to source vendors and tools.


Build direct relationships with peers during the event and create a network for exchanging informatics ideas and best practices.

How You'll Engage:
  • Live Q&A moderated by SMEs.
  • Connect with business leaders.
  • Build partnerships and source vendors.

Keynote Speakers

Disrupting Traditional Healthcare Models with Distributed Networks 

Daniel J. Durand, MD | Chief Clinical Officer and Chairman of Radiology at LifeBridge Health

Telehealth, AI, top of license practice, and point of care diagnostics are changing the way we practice today. What are the broad implications of this trend? As the supply of data increases, demand for “data processing” will be met by both cognitive specialists and automation/AI. We can expect logistics and supply chain innovations to increasingly “meet patients where they are” outside the hospital, with POC diagnostics and professional practice models. Our regulations will have to adapt, allowing a “top of license” care model at each step. You’ll hear how the contemporary radiology practice model is changing and consider what areas outside of radiology suggest lies ahead for us.

Embracing an AI-Enabled Future for Diagnostic Medicine

Geraldine McGinty, MD, MBA, FACR  | Chief Strategy Officer of the Weill Cornell Medicine Physicial Organization and Associate Professor of Clinical Radiology and Clinical Population Health Sciences

Wide disparities in access to care between high-income and low- and middle-income countries create both opportunities for AI to compound returns on investments in imaging infrastructure, as well a risk of propagating bias and inequities in care. To level the playing field, the global imaging community must steward investments and work collaboratively with industry partners in ways that advantage the patients we serve. How will that “look” different across the world? We’ll venture outside the United States for this session and consider the role of the global imaging community in fueling investment for an AI-enabled future.




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Exhibit and Sponsorship Opportunities

Showcase your brand at ACR events! Connect with top radiology influencers across private and academic practice at the Imaging Informatics Summit & Quality and Safety Conference. Attendees at both events have buying power and are eager to engage the latest services and technology solutions that will help them improve bottom lines, make good use of data and turn regulatory requirements into meaningful quality improvement.