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Bringing Awareness to Unconscious Bias

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Lecture Overview

Humans all have biases that interfere with their ability to effectively identify, engage and cultivate talent. Throughout this lecture, led by Carolyn C. Meltzer, MD, FACR, you'll learn how to identify and acknowledge your own hidden biases, actively engage in practices to overcome them, and emerge as a leader in radiology.

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Awareness of Our Biases

This is the first step toward effectively creating a culture of diversity and inclusion.

Language Matters

Subordinating language and microaggressions can be hurtful and reinforce a privilege/power differential.
Inclusion is a journey. We can all work toward modeling inclusive leadership.

Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership

  • Being self-aware.
  • Speaking up.
  • Aligning personal values with diversity and inclusion.
  • Being open-minded and curious about others and their experiences.
  • Having the cultural intelligence to adapt in cross-cultural interactions.
  • Collaborating across diverse teams and empowering each other. 


William P. Timmie Professor and Chair of Radiology & Imaging Sciences
Associate Dean for Research
Emory University School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia