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Welcome to the Informatics e-Learning Hub!

AI tools are moving from rare to mainstream. To leverage the power of AI, we’re here to help you understand how it works and optimize its performance. Each focused topic area highlighted below offers a variety of on-demand videos developed by AI experts in medical imaging and the opportunity to learn, understand and incorporate best practices into your work.

Video Library

NEW! Artificial Intelligence for the Practicing Radiologist: Understand AI in Five Lessons

This module explains basic AI concepts, helping radiologists to understand how the algorithms behind AI work and their limitations. Understanding AI is a critical first step before trusting AI and knowing which scenarios it can be applied to. This course offers the opportunity to learn, understand and apply AI concepts to specific problems within radiology.

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Cyber Security

Cyberattacks pose a looming threat to healthcare organizations today. Knowing what ransomware attacks look like and how others have recovered is essential to planning. In this video series, we’ll look at what ransomware is, how hackers gain access, and how this type of malware can impact radiology. We’ll then explore operational recovery strategies and the planning considerations unique to radiology.

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Patient Centered Care

How can we help patients to feel comfortable with AI? Transparency in AI is crucial in gaining trust, especially when AI impacts a diagnosis or treatment plan. In this video series, we’ll look at how to address the top patient concerns with AI, how to set patient expectations, strategies for effectively communicating with patients and which specific performance elements to use in every deployment of AI. 

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The Basics of AI

Bringing AI to Practice

Data Sharing

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Government Regulation & AI

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Monitoring AI Algorithms

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ACR Informatics and AI Tools

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