Third Quarter 2020 TMIST Study Updates | October 2020

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TMIST Rebounds From COVID-19 Shutdown of Cancer Screenings 
Since July 1, TMIST has enrolled more patients than all other National Cancer Institute clinical trials combined. October accrual is on pace to be the highest month on record. Drs. Etta Pisano and Mitch Schnall provide the latest status of the trial and discuss its continuing relevance.
Nearly 20% of TMIST Participants Are Black, Thanks to a Successful Recruitment Strategy
TMIST leaders and clinical staff continue to reach out to women in a variety of minority communities — attracting at least twice the national average for Black and African American clinical trial participants.

Enrollment Continues, New Sites Join as TMIST Leaders Work With NCI Review Committee
The National Cancer Institute (NCI) recently launched a TMIST accrual review to more efficiently reach study endpoints. The NCI is not ending TMIST. The study remains open and active during this review. Existing sites should continue to enroll women. New sites should continue with the onboarding process. Send questions to [email protected].
Remote Consent is Still Allowed for TMIST
For full details on the approved remote consent process, see CIRB FAQs 8 and 9.

Restart TMIST at Your Site
Please email [email protected] when your site resumes TMIST enrollment. Sites must resume TMIST quality control (QC) prior to restarting screening of trial participants. Please email the PQCC team helpdesk at [email protected] when you restart TMIST physics QC.

COVID-19 Related AE Reporting and Protocol Deviations
All COVID-19 related events must be reported in RAVE (login required) — even if not reportable under the TMIST protocol. Events that meet expedited reporting criteria per the protocol must also be reported via CTEP-AERS.   

If you have any questions related to COVID-19 AE reporting or protocol deviation reporting due to COVID-19, email [email protected] and [email protected].   

Please see latest memo on the CTSU site dated June 30: Memorandum: EA1151 Protocol-Specific Deviation Guidance for COVID-19 Mitigation (login to members’ website required).

Case Report Forms Latest Update
A database update occurred August 17, 2020.  Access the PDF version of the latest forms here (login to members’ website required).

Top Accruing Sites — Q3 2020
NCORP Sites*
  1. MN024 — Essentia Health Cancer Center (Dr. Brett Friday-PI)

  2. IL168 — Carle Cancer Center (Dr. Kendrith Rowland-PI)

  3. LA029 — University Medical Center New Orleans (Dr. Mignonne Morrell-PI)
LAPS Sites*
  1. MN026 — Mayo Clinic-Rochester (Dr. Katie Hunt-PI)

  2. NC010 — Duke University Medical Center (Dr. Lars Grimm-PI)

  3. NC007 — University of North Carolina-Hillsborough (Dr. Cherie Kuzmiak-PI)
Main Member Sites*+
  1. 11017 — Hospital Du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal (Dr. Caroline Samson-PI)

  2. 02022 — CERIM: Centro de Estudios Radiológicos Integrales de la Mama (Dr. Daniel Lehrer-PI)

  3. 11118 — Odette Cancer Centre-Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Dr. Roberta Jong-PI)
*Denotes individual sites – not networks
+Includes freestanding and private practice radiology sites
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