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TMIST formally remains an active study under the National Cancer Institute (NCI) and Cancer Trials Support Unit (CTSU). Active participation at this time is left to individual sites. However, we are concerned for the safety of our patients and staff because of the effects of COVID-19. We know that sites are making critical local operational decisions to help manage the potential influx of COVID-19 patients. Some sites have suspended non-urgent health care services, such as screening mammography, and may suspend many research operations. If you have not already done so, please alert the TMIST Central Team at [email protected] of suspensions to enrollment at your site due to COVID-19, and in that email also please let us know:
  • If your mammography clinic has suspended all mammography screening or
  • If open, how you plan to manage subsequent screening for those participants who are in T1 or later screening rounds.
We will discuss the COVID-19 pandemic’s effect on TMIST study operations during the April TMIST participating sites webinars. Please read the COVID-19 Instructions for Sites (EA1151) – 14Apr2020, which we initially communicated during our March TMIST participating sites webinars.

TMIST Central Monitoring is Underway
Central Monitoring, one of the quality assurance processes for clinical trials in NCI NCTN/NCORP studies, is underway at TMIST sites in the United States. We expect Central Monitoring for our sites in Canada and Argentina to begin in the fall of 2020. All open sites must upload redacted source documents for selected cases into the CTSU Source Document Portal for central remote review. For questions contact: [email protected].

Tracking Payments/Credits for Your Site’s EA1151 Participants
Tracking of payments/credits for TMIST occurs within the CTSU OPEN System in a tool called the OPEN Funding Screen. Find instructions on the CTSU portal. View data on an individual participant level or generate a funding report for all participants. Find instructions on the CTSU portal.

ECOG-ACRIN Sample Tracking System Site Report Feature
Personnel can generate a report of all biospecimens collected and submitted to date for their site through the ECOG-ACRIN Translational Science Reports web app. You will need login credentials to access the ECOG-ACRIN Sample Tracking System (STS). Learn more hereView sample report feature here.

TMIST Trial Enrollment Reaches 25,000 Milestone
There are now more than 25,000 women participating in TMIST, and 105 (94 active) of the planned 150 study sites are open. This represents a 500 percent increase in patients and 100 percent rise in sites since January 2019. Read more»
Top Accruing Sites — Q1 2020
NCORP Sites*
  1. ID003 St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute (Dr. Alison Conlin-PI)

  2. LA029 University Medical Center New Orleans (Dr. Mignonne Morrell-PI)

  3. IL168 Carle Cancer Center (Dr. Kendrith Rowland-PI)
LAPS Sites*
  1. CA012 LA County USC Medical Center (Dr. Linda Hovanessian Larsen-PI)

  2. TX011 UT Southwestern/Simmons Cancer Center (Dr. Phil Evans-PI)

  3. MN026 Mayo Clinic – Rochester (Dr. Katie Hunt-PI)
Main Member Sites*+
  1. 02022 CERIM: Centro de Estudios Radiológicos Integrales de la Mama  (Dr. Daniel Lehrer-PI)

  2. 11017 Hopital Du Sacre-Coeur de Montreal (Dr. Caroline Samson-PI)

  3. 11118 Odette Cancer Centre – Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre (Dr. Roberta Jong-PI)
*Denotes individual sites – not networks
+Includes freestanding and private practice radiology sites

No Secrets about the Success of Enrolling African-American Women at Boston Medical Center in TMIST
Site investigator Michael Fishman, MD, and BMC staff share how skill, compassion and location have helped attract African American women to TMIST at New England’s largest safety net hospital. Read more»

Accruing to TMIST in Los Angeles’s Hispanic Community
Los Angeles County + USC Medical Center offers many Hispanic and low-income patients their first access to digital breast tomosynthesis through TMIST participation. Read more»
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