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Beyond the Hype: How AI Will Really Impact Careers in Radiology

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If you’ve heard that artificial intelligence (AI) is doing some tasks extremely well and wondered how it will impact careers in radiology, you’re not alone. Understanding the status of AI tools today is key to understanding the future of radiology in five years, 10 years and more.

There is great potential for AI to bring us the ability to predict treatment response for a variety of diseases and enhance imaging's role in precision medicine by recognizing patterns in imaging data otherwise invisible to humans. Like all great tools, AI can help us accomplish more.

Watch this webinar to hear:

  • What the future of radiology may look like with AI.
  • Applications of AI in radiology (non-interpretive and interpretive).
  • Potential career options in radiology related to AI.
  • The most exciting aspects of AI for early career radiologists.