National Lung Cancer Roundtable
Lung Cancer Screening Webinar Series

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To narrow the knowledge gaps regarding the new lung cancer screening eligibility criteria from the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, the American Cancer Society National Lung Cancer Roundtable, in partnership with the ACR®, American Academy of Family Physicians, American Thoracic Society, and American College of Chest Physicians.

The webinar series, sponsored by AstraZeneca and Genentech, a member of the Roche Group, will feature perspectives from key stakeholder groups, including patients, primary care physicians, pulmonologists, radiologists, epidemiologists, behavioral scientists, oncologists and thoracic surgeons.

See below for recordings from this series.

June 30 ǀ On-Demand
Review of Expanded USPSTF Lung Cancer Screening Recommendations
• Why Were the USPSTF Recommendations Expanded? Who is Now Eligible?
• What Do the New Criteria Mean for:
○ Disparities/health equity
○ Risk assessment
○ Uptake/adherence
○ Policy/reimbursement
• Overview of First Million Screens in ACR Lung Cancer Screening Registry
• Advocate Perspective

July 28 ǀ On-Demand
Lessons Learned from a Lung Cancer Screening Program: Shared Decision Making, Smoking Cessation & Adherence
• Impact of COVID-19 on Lung Cancer Screening
• Conducting Quality SDM and Tobacco Cessation Counseling (CMS requirements, use of decision aids, etc.)
• How to Track and Increase Adherence to Follow-up Screening

Aug. 25 ǀ On-Demand
Role of the Primary Care Provider and Nurse Navigator in Lung Cancer Screening
• Lung Cancer Screening as a Vehicle to Save Lives and Advance Better Health for Eligible Individuals
• Assessing Eligibility for Screening
• Conducting Quality SDM and Tobacco Cessation Counseling in Brief Clinical Encounters: Best Practices
• Updated AAFP Recommendations
• Lung Cancer and the Primary Care Provider CME (LuCa)

Sept. 29 ǀ Noon-1pm ET
Meeting Patients Where They Are: Lung Cancer Screening Outreach Efforts Among Vulnerable Populations (Part 1)
• Advocate Perspective: How Lack of Access Impacts All Patients and Exacerbates Disparities
• Lung Cancer Screening in Low-income Populations in Chicago
• Mobile Lung Cancer Screening in North Carolina
• ACS Return to Screening Campaign
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Oct. 6 ǀ Noon-1pm ET
Meeting Patients Where They Are: Tools for Building Capacity (Part 2)
• Advocate Perspective
• NLCRT Lung Cancer Coalition-Building Guide
• NLCRT Early Detection Modeling Tool
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Nov. 3 ǀ Noon-1pm ET
Lung Cancer in Women (This webinar is offered to women with a smoking history who meet USPSTF criteria)
• Increasing Awareness About the Availability of LCS and Who Is Eligible by Partnering with OB-GYN Societies Who Can Promote
• Leveraging Mammography to Enroll Eligible Women for Lung Cancer Screening
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Nov. 17 ǀ Noon-1pm ET
Advances in Lung Cancer Treatment and Care: Long-Term Survivorship Is Now a Reality
• NLCRT Biomarker ECHO Clinic Pilot to Increase Clinician Awareness and Knowledge of Biomarker Testing
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