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Medical Student Guide to the Radiology Profession

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Radiologists are a vital part of the healthcare system as medical doctors who specialize in the field of medical imaging. They also have an opportunity to impact more patients on a daily basis than in many other specialties. 

Interested in learning more about becoming a radiologist? Download the new American College of Radiology® (ACR®
) e-book, Medical Student Guide to the Radiology Profession, to learn more about the field of radiology and what is involved in becoming a radiologist. 

The Medical Student Guide to the Radiology Profession Examines:

  • Why Explore a Profession in Radiology?

  • Professions in Radiology.

  • Radiology as Patient-Centered Medicine.

  • How Do You Become a Radiologist?

  • Radiology and Burnout.

  • How Will AI Impact Radiology?

  • Advice From Top U.S. Radiologists.

"Radiology is going to be an ever-changing career. It’s not going to be dull. It’s not going to be stagnant. You’re always going to be learning something new. If you as a student went into medicine to engage, change and to do things differently, you’re going to want intellectual stimulation. The field is going to be packed with it for the entire career."

– Rodney S. Owen, MD, FACR